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• Organic Grapeseed Oil
• Organic Rosehip Oil
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• Hazelnut Oil (Refined or Roasted)

Do Your Part to Protect Environment

Protecting biodiversity is all about finding real ways to coexist without harming one another.

Protect biodiversity

Our unique beneficial products can be used in a variety of ways:





We protect the seeds and theirs biodiversity


To build solid roots for our future, we must go back to using biodiversity as the foundation of our well-being and health. ParodiNutra adheres to SDG 15, “Life on Land”, selecting seeds that can help protect biodiversity. Purchase our products, which are not made from intensively-farmed raw materials, for your business.


Andrea Parodi

Organic means quality

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Parodi Nutra has always believed in the organic philosophy, which is why we have always been certified organic. Thanks to the constant search for premium-quality raw materials and scrupulous quality control, we can offer businesses real, pure, 100% made in Italy oils.

How to protect biodiversity

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In 2016 Parodi Nutra started a project to safeguard the biodiversity of the ancient hazelnuts in Liguria.
In these four years we have helped farmers by supplying hazelnuts at a fair price and we have built a brand from scratch, “Il Parodi”, in order to allow direct sales between producers and consumers. Today we are growing different types of traditional rose hips (berries) to extract their nutrients (oils and fibers).

What you can do for yourself and the planet

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We achieve a common goal. Become part of SDG n.15 “Life on Earth” with Parodi Nutra.
We urgently implement actions in our society to restore biodiversity, we will achieve benefits both for us and for the planet.

GOAL 15: Life on Land

Parodi Nutra adheres to SDG 15, “Life on Land”, striving to protect, restore, and promote sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems in its own production. Implementing sustainable management, it combats land degradation to halt biodiversity loss.

The Plant

Need large quantities?

Parodi Nutra

We search the world for biodiverse seeds to transform into unique, innovative products that are fit to develop new wellness-oriented projects.
Thanks to our technology and over a decade of experience, ParodiNutra knows how to give your business solid roots.

Parodi Nutra boasts collaborations with companies in the cosmetic and nutritional industries that have developed special products from the raw materials obtained over these years of work.


All our oils are cold-pressed; the purity and structure demonstrate their excellence


We provide flour and fibre both for the food and cosmetic industries.


Our butters are treated without using solvents or chemicals

Seeds: a constant search

Raw material

We are always interested in developing new collaborations directly with people who farm, select, distribute, or produce certified organic or spontaneously cultivated fruit seeds or plants and who wish to use our experience to enhance biodiversity and their own raw materials.

Projects and News

Caspian Week 2020

Il 22 gennaio scorso si è svolta a Davon, in occasione del World Economic Forum, la Caspian Week, un importante congresso internazionale che ha come obiettivi la promozione dell’interazione tra la regione del Mar Caspio e il resto del mondo, il conseguente sviluppo...

GOAL 15: let’s protect biodiversity!

Lately there has been a lot of talk about pollution, reducing consumption, getting rid of plastic,and ecological sustainability. These are issues that in just the last few years have become a significant part of our daily lives and influence what we purchase. Ma ci...