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For over 20 years we have been researching worldwide biodiverse and premium-quality raw materials to transform them into unique and innovative products, suitable for the development of new sustainable projects.

Parodi Nutra’s core focus is to service its clients by producing and suppling the best quality ingredients for the food and cosmetic industry.

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We offer unique products as a result of the traditional technique of cold-pressing seeds, nuts, berries, and grains. We produce extremely pure high quality raw vegetable oils that maintain their natural properties and aroma of the raw materials, as well as refined and/or scented oils for the cosmetic and nutraceutical industry.


Our flours are obtained from the sustainable food transformation process capable of separating fats from proteins. The result is functional flours with a high protein and fiber content. These plant proteins can and must replace foods of animal origin in order to significantly improve human health and environmental sustainability.


Vegetable butters are very rich in nutrients and serve as key ingredients in skin care products. They can be used in soaps, lotions, creams, balms, salves, body butters and other types of products. Parodi Nutra also offers special butters formulated in a mixture to give a wide choice to its customers.

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We are always interested in developing new collaborations directly with people who farm, select, distribute, or produce certified organic or spontaneously cultivated fruit seeds or plants and who wish to use our experience to enhance biodiversity and their own raw materials.

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GOAL 15: Life on earth.

Parodi Nutra adheres to SDG 15

Parodi Nutra adheres to SDG 15, “Life on Land,” committing to protect, restore and promote the sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems in its production. By implementing sustainable management, it combats land degradation to halt biodiversity loss.