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Our vegetable butters are certified both for food and cosmetic use.

They are refined and/or deodorised according to specifications, standards, and customer requirements.
It is important to us to always be able to guarantee our supply chain; you can always ask for all the information for every product (origin, etc.).

Innovation and purpose

Special oils and butters

For some time, vegetable oils and butters have also been used for their functional purpose rather than solely for their effect on tactile perception. In fact, fat molecules are made up by a saponifiable and non-saponifiable portion, which is what makes these raw materials special, as they different functional features compared to more commonly known and currently used oils and butters.

Among the various substances contained in the non-saponifiable fraction of vegetable oils and butters that give SPECIFIC performance to the molecule, we find: Tocopherols (vitamin E), branched hydrocarbons (squalene, karitene, and triterpene alcohols), carotenoids and vitamin A precursors, phytosterols, ceramides, and other extremely important minor components.
They have a re-epithelising, healing, emollient effect on the skin.