Our production of 100% vegetable oils is highly varied and consists of simply mechanical pressing (no extraction by solvents) of seeds, nuts and in some cases fruits (Angiosperms and other varieties) containing lipids (Fats-oils-butters).
The utilized plants are very different and are selected in order to identify the natural species according to their biodiversity and to the characteristics of the oil contained within their seeds. Just because our seeds come from many parts of the world , it is important to follow up all the transport’s steps and then go on with the oil extraction in loco according to our quality standards or at our plant in Italy.

Vegetable oils extracted from seeds contain many active ingredients, some desirable other not desirable (odour, colour, acidity, waxes…).
Once the crude oil is produced, it can be destined to refining/deodorization according to the specific Regulatory standards (Pharmacopeia) and to the Clients’ needs and requests. It is always essential for us to guarantee and protect the production chain, for every product it is possible to receive all the related information (origin, production plant …)