Organic oils and butters represents all the lipids obtained by mechanical pressing of oil-raw materials organic certified (Reg. CE 834/2007-1235/2008-1267/2011-508/2012). As for conventional vegetable oils, some of the crude organic oils have to undergo purification processes certified by the highest qualitative standards (CCPB Certification). Thanks to Parodi Nutra’s experience, we are also able to obtain crude and/or virgin oils keeping the natural chemical-physical characteristics of the oil and avoiding any depuration process.

In this phase, accurate selection of raw materials is essential. It is well known that the oils usage is very difficult because the lipids tend to go rancid, can oxidize due to the presence of oxygen or light, and this characteristic makes them unstable. This is why it is fundamental to guarantee the best quality of raw materials without impurities and with freshness, almost seasonal.