June 2014, The market in these days is very tight: prices gradually have lost 20% during the month of May due to lack of demand, that has awakened the interest of any buyer. This mild interest from buyers has raised awareness to those who still hold the product, since the coming campaign will be in deficit, there is no risk to conserve stocks and at mid-month, compared to total withdrawal of sellers prices began to rise sharply by 8%.

This increase was completely blocked any purchase ambitions both Turkey and the end-users so the market lost most of the increase accumulated since the beginning of two weeks ago.
It seems that in the coming weeks market developments will be directed upward to the absence of buyers, when it exceeds 1.050 USD and down, with the withdrawal of the sellers, when you reach back 980 USD. It is a very tight market and some buyer or seller more or less leads to sudden movements.
As for the start of the campaign in the future, since the industry is not totally covered for harvest in 2014, we expect a high demand when they arrive the first hazelnuts