Unexplained mortality of bees has sent prices skyrocketing mandorlein California (a market worth 5 billion) and is making off the cost of thousands of consumer products made with almond nuts.

To trigger the alarm for some time was the discovery on winter mortality of hives, came in the 2013 season even in a worrying 50%, seems due to the use of pesticides harmful to the neurological level to bees. In practice, the almond blossoms are not pollinated because there are no bees to sufficienza.La situation is particularly severe in the United States where beekeeping underwent a drastic downsizing, but also in Europe is registering this phenomenon.
Wholesale almonds are already rincarate in a year by 10-15% in the US and up to 70% in Germany …
The moves in prices arise from the strong increase in demand and the concomitant dwindling supply: USA, Spain, Iran, Italy and Morocco are the main producers, but almost 80% of the world market is dominated by California.
Also in Spain, the second largest producer with about 6%, there has been a fall harvest due to excessive rains that accompanied the last flowering.
And then the world’s growing passion for these nuts are rich in protein, with the content of magnesium which protect from osteoporosis, and with important and essential uses in the food industry. In each of the last four years, experts say the large marketing firm Olam International, the world consumption of almonds have risen at a rate double-digit percentage, thanks to the strong increase in demand coming from China.