Thanks to a life experience in speciality vegetable oils and to collaborations with important research centers and universities in Italy and abroad, our laboratories have been selecting and developing many varieties of seeds rich of functional properties, such as:
Sapote Oil (Caribbean apricot), worldwide exclusive oil from 2006, tested by the Institute des Corps Gras ITERG, Bordeaux France and Consorzio Olimperia Italia
Kiwi seed oil (Actidinia Chinensis) from selected Italian fruit variety, tested by Dipartimento Scienze Farmaceutiche Università Studi di Torino Italia Baobab seed oil, the first producer in Italy and the first to organic certify it with Suolo e salute in 2007. Graviola seed oil (Anona Muricata), authoctonous Caribbean variety, the first to cold press it worldwide.

Among the worldwide exclusive speciality oils, there are: Nettle seed oil, Dill seed oil, Carrot seed oil, Parsley seed oil, Alfa alfa seed oil, Rocket seed oil and the unique Basil seed oil obtained from a Ligurian variety DOP certified, famous for the production of Pesto Genovese. Cactus seed oil from a Sicilian variety (Catania, Italy), Isaatis Seed oil from Marche (Isaatis Tinctoria – variety utilized in the Middle Age to produce the famous deep Blue Tintoretto). Soy germ oil with the highest content of vegetable sterols, differently to the traditional Soy oil (almost double content of sterols compared to Wheat Germ oil) Parodi Nutra is proud of collaborations with cosmetic and food industries which have developed special products thanks to the raw materials obtained during our experience. We are at your disposal for any new offers and future projects.