Our mission is the production of special vegetable oils from new varieties of seeds, dry fruits, cereal germs (raw material with a guranteed traceability, many of them IGP or DOP certified) containing active lipids (triglycerides and fatty acids) rich in vitamins, sterols, unsaponifiable and functional micro-nutrients. We can offer a worldwide range of botanical oils and butters that we produce here in Italy, so our products can be labelled “100% made in Italy”.

Our oils are rich in active principles and and effective for skin rejuvenation, with moisturizing, emollient, antiage functions and not only; they nourish the skin energizing the elastic fibers to promote collagen formation, and maintain the skin smooth and soft and can be employed as carrier oils or fillers for gel capsules, as well as mixed for body products, hair products, used in fitotherapy for oleolites and balsams, or simply as massage oils perfumed with essential oils.

We deal with cosmetic industries, pharmaceutical laboratories and with the skin care and beauty wellness’ traders, as well as food industries, as many of our oils are food grade, organic certified, and have high quality characteristics (omega-3, omega-6, omega-9, chlorophyll, ceramide, polyphenol, lycopene, GLA, CLA).